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Martina La Biondina

Beautiful, Nice, Very Attractive, Fascinating and Romantic, Solar, Scheming, Vivacious, Very Reflexive, Refined and Reserved.
I am a solar girl, sociable, and a lot of dessert, the sun, the sea, the nature and above everything the animals I like, I love playing with the rag dolls of roll because they remember me my happy infancy, I like to dream and to make to not only dream with my body but above everything with the word, the most beautiful dreams I jealously preserve them in my memory and troubles to whom profanes them.
I am qualified to the conservatory in Naples San Pietro to Majella, affiliate a first year of university, faculty of medicine, sound and anchor study the cello, but I don't disdain other tools as the Guitar and the Saxofono.
I end with an one man show definition of the Music:
The Music is the art to combine the sounds so that to make them pleasant to the human ear.The improvisation in the Music is the maximum expression of liberty,it is for this that the music doesn't have frontiers.

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